Telemedicine Now Available!

If you are an established patient and are having issues making it into the office, we are now offering telemedicine visits:

  • Depending on the number of questions or issues at hand the telemedicine session will take 5 to 15-minutes.
  • It will be scheduled with a twenty-minute allotment with the provider of your choice.
  • A telemedicine session entails a conversation during which the provider evaluates your progress and discusses the treatment plan.
  • Medications can be picked up at your convenience or called into the pharmacy of your choice.
  • Normal pricing applies for Telemedicine visits as described on our pricing page.
  • Package visits can be applied to a Telemedicine session but do not cover medication management fees (prescriptions and dealing with a pharmacy or a third party).
  • Established, stable patients can participate in up to two telemedicine visits in a row.
  • Phone visits are always at the discretion of the provider.

Telemedicine Intake Form

If you are an established patient, please fill out our Telemedicine Intake Form before your visit.